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Business Building Blocks delivers busy professionals services to assist with you business's image, marketing, and publicity.


Web Hosting and Email:
A professional name and space for your clients to find you. Click here for more information
Web Design/Web Maintenance:
Do you have a website? Need a hand keeping your website up to date? Let Business Building Blocks free up your time to do what you do best. Click here for more information
Email Newsletters:
Quarterly or Monthly or a One-Time way to reach your clients and keep them up to date. Click here for more information
Brochure Design:
Effectively tell clients about your business, products, or services.
Letterhead and Business Cards:
Carry your image through to your correspondences.
Event Coordination:
Need help with a formal luncheon? Planning a Holiday Party?
Personalized Computer Help:
Onsite help if you are trying to figure out a new program, how to reorganize your files, how to set up a mailing list, or a mail merge.

Business Building Blocks offers services to let you do what you do best! If you have other ideas that would help with your business that aren't listed here, talk to us.