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Looking for a way to track your visitors?

Site Stats

If you've been in business longer than a week, you know its important to have customers who return and want to use your services again. In a store, you see faces; in a traditional bricks and mortar business, you correspond or call; with a website, how do you know who's come?

Most web hosting programs come with some limited way to track your visitors, but you're really never sure how they define a visit, a page view, etc. What do all of these things mean? It all depends on your host. If you're able to get beyond the basic information, it usually costs an arm and a leg, or you have to be willing and able to read your visitor logs. You know the information is out there but you also respect your clients and visitors and want to avoid shady marketing, adware, and spyware.

Also, if this is a new venture, you may be interested in knowing how users navigate through your site, where they come from, and how long they stay. If you've thought one article was great, but no one will read it, how do you know?

Business Building Blocks has teamed up with Stat Counter to offer more than just their basic services. Current web hosting customers can already sign up for summary email statistics by sending an email to their account rep or by sending an mail by clicking here.

Clients who want more in-depth information about their website visitors can subscribe to additional tracking services for minimal costs. For more information, see the STATCOUNTER service page .