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Scott Bush-Triversal Technologies

Scott Bush- Project Coordinator
Triversal Technologies

What does your company do?
Triversal is a web hosting and services company. We work with clients to determine their needs, then create a site to meet those needs, and host it on our servers so their clients can access it.

How do you do most of your promotion or marketing?
As a new company, most of our work comes through referrals from our former work colleagues. One of them is a real estate agent, and he recommends us when agents he coaches ask for a web site. Another is the head of our former company, where we used to work. When that company's former clients and other people contact him with projects, he sends them our way. Plus our other business partner up in Alaska has many connections that we use.

What are the most difficult things you've encountered?
From a customer standpoint, management of resources is our biggest concern. Making accurate assessments of how long a project will take--and what resources it will tie up--is very tricky. Over-extending yourself can be easy to do if the scope of one project grows and there are others you've committed to. This comes on top of the needs of existing customers who need site updates or minor troubleshooting.

From the business side of things, a second concern is employee management. Finding quality web developers with the skill set we need can be hard. When we're not busy with projects, finding internal projects or learning opportunities is to keep busy can be hard, especially knowing those projects are being worked on instead of billable hours. A third concern is billing, which can be a sensitive issue with many clients. Accurately tracking and keeping on top of clients' billing status is very time-consuming.
Despite these difficulties, it's exciting to grow our company. Each finished project, each new web-hosting client really pumps us up.

What are your 3 top promotion tips?
Another hard question... especially for someone just getting started.

  1. Customer service. Being great to your customers encourages them to recommend you to others, which is the best promotion there is. It's cliche but oh so true!

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Prepping your web pages so they can be found easily on search engines is very important, moreso than ever. Everyone uses search engines, so being targeted for common searches is the best way to be found. It's a complex issue, however. "Voodoo magic" some people call it, because it changes so much and can be hard to understand.

  3. Promotional items. Our business really wouldn't use these, but some businesses might find little items (key chains, shot glasses, shirts, pens, etc.) with their logo/name on them very useful to build name recognition.

Are there any other things you wish you had done differently?
At this point, it's hard to answer that. My situation is unique (everyone's is) and so far I don't have enough hindsight to say what I would have done differently. After our former company shut down, the opportunity to start Triversal was almost dropped in my lap, so it's hard to say anything I would have done differently.

What tips would you like to pass along to others?
Go for it! All the people I know who are doing their own businesses swear by it. Sure, it's rough at first and scary for a while, but the freedoms and excitement of doing it yourself are great. Or so I've heard... I'm waiting to experience them myself soon :-)